Paranormal activity, demonic presences, bone-chilling screams, and so much more are said to permeate the grounds of these haunted places around the world.

Some of these sites have long histories of hauntings and others have shorter ones, but the varied stories behind these ghost-filled halls remain bone-chilling either way. After learning the full tales of these supposedly haunted places, even the biggest non-believers may think twice before daring to enter one of them.

Monte Cristo mansion

Monte Cristo is popular as one of the haunted places in the world because of the haunted stories related to Mrs Crawley. The erstwhile owner never came out of the house for 23 years after her husband died. And when she died, it is believed, her body-less phantom has been haunting her room. People have claimed to witness her body-less ghost in the window, strange voices, flickering lights, and the floating ghost in the corridor. Reports of accidents and murders in the mansion have also been there in the past.

The Aradale Lunatic Asylum

The Aradale Lunatic Asylum in Victoria is the largest abandoned mental hospital. Opened in 1867, the 60-building complex housed some of the worst lunatics of the British Empire. Stories of the ghost of Nurse Kerry have made it a popular entry from Australia in the list of most haunted places in the world. The ghost is believed to haunt the women’s wing. Another popular tale is of the ghost of Old Margaret, one of the many patients who were forced to leave the asylum when it was shut down in 1990s.

The Tower Of London

One of the haunted places in the world, the Tower of London is a popular tourist spot by day. Several princes and others have been executed in the tower itself that dates back to 1078. The local tower guards, aka Beef Eaters, have reported seeing the headless ghosts of Lady Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn, and the two princes who murdered their uncle – Richard III – in 1483.

The Greyfriars Kirkyard

The Greyfriars Kirkyard is a cemetery in Edinburgh that has been popular as one of the haunted places in the world, thanks to the rumored sightings of the Mackenzie poltergeist. According to a popular tale, a homeless man once broke into Sir George Mackenzie’s mausoleum. Ever since, many paranormal activities have been reported. Nearly 200 people have blacked out in the cemetery while many others escaped, albeit with many bruises and scratches.

Akershus Fortress

Many claim the erstwhile strategic fortress and prison built in 1290s to be the most haunted place in the world. The castle that was also a site for Nazi executions is said to be haunted by a robed woman and a Malcanisen dog. It is said that whoever sees the spirit of the Malcanisen is doomed to die in the near future.

Paris Catacombs, France

The very appearance of these spider-webbing tunnels beneath the French capital can scare the hell out of you. Though the catacombs were not meant to house human remains, many remains were laid in artistic arrangements in the tunnels due to the overcrowded cemeteries in the 18th century. In addition to reports of people witnessing apparitions in these catacombs, people have been reported ‘disappeared’ altogether within these tunnels.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary has appeared on several paranormal programmes and has had countless ghostly reports from visitors. Previous prisoners were made to wear sacks over their heads by guards and many kept in isolation, which is thought to have caused madness in some of the unfortunate prisoners held there. Some visitors have heard crying from the cells and seen ghosts of prisoners, still wearing sacks over their heads…

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