Blair Witch

The Devils Hand

1785 a small town called Blair, in Maryland. A witch called Elly Kedward  was banished from the town. This was due to her us of dark witchcraft to mesmerize children so she could draw their innocent blood, infuser with pure sanguine energies, for her nefarious unholy rituals! Most of the children were severely weakened, and manny lest to death.  Not only was she shunned from the community for her horrors but repeatedly tortured by townsfolk as she lay tied up in the woods.

After being convicted of witchcraft, the townspeople tied Elly Kedward to a sledge and dragged her out into the woods in what was the harshest winter in human history. The townspeople led her blindfolded into the woods and tied her to a tree. There they set about abusing her, cutting all sorts of signs into her which labeled her as a witch, then the citizens pressed their palms into her wounds, and finally they left her by the tree, but they still kept coming out into the woods to see if she was dead. They kept on physically abusing her until they saw she was alive and set their dogs on her, which tore at her flesh. Then they saw she had survived every form of torture which she could undergo and finally they left her hanging by the neck in the branches of her execution tree.”

They wanted to make an example of her, and cleanse the community. Elly’s last words were an eternal curse upon the entire town of Blair, and its citizens! Her body was eventually taken down, and burned in a shallow grave. Her unholy ashes scattered to the four winds of the forest!  It’s thought that act was the final element that bound her spirit to those very woods for all eternity! Normally that should have sent her dark spirit straight to hell! Unfortunately, she was no ordinary person!

Everyone believed she had died and that the witch had been punished, but her spirit was doomed not to rest: Her ghost returned the following winter and abducted half the town’s children from Blair.

The citizens belived that they had done right thing to do, and theyr nightmares were over. Little did they know that sending Ellly to the devil would only lead to her return! It turns out she was drawing blood from children to secure an eternal existence on Earth bye a rituals she personally created. She wanted to be beholden to herself.  She refused to be a slave as a number of dark witches and warlock’s tend to be!  Elly was unable to complete her series of spells but her hellish death caused her to become a ghost rather than moving on into the Afterlife as most do.

The Devils Curse

in the forests of the Black Hills – a place in which, according to local traditions, Native American tribes dared not enter. Local folklore says that around 1630 Colonel Nathaniel Blair led an expedition to cross the forest in order to find a suitable place to build a fort. Nathaniel is said to have sought help from a tribe in the area – but in response they sabotaged his expedition. In spite of this, Blair and his men built the fort which they baptized with the colonel’s surname. Over the years, the site would grow to become the city of Blair in 1634.

November 1786, half of the village’s children, including the three who killed Elly, had disappeared. None of them were found – neither alive nor dead. Fearing that these disappearances were due to the intervention of evil forces and the existence of a curse, the residents left Blair and vowed never to say the name “Elly Kedward” again. Yet, a book is said to have appeared in 1809 called “The Blair Witch Cult”. This book, an unusual work of fiction of very poor quality, tells the story of a village cursed by a witch. The village is Blair and the witch, Elly Kedward. However, in this story the witch is hunted and then burned for her crimes.

Later, in March 1886, 8-year-old Robin Weaver was reported missing in the forest. Various rescue teams searched for several days until they found her. The small girl said that she had met an old lady in the forest who was not walking, but floating. That strange lady took her hand and led her to a house where she was left in the basement, with a promise that the old woman would return. Robin waited for a long time, but started to get scared and she finally fled. 

Those who did not return were never members of the rescue teams. Weeks later, five other rescue workers found bodies in a place known as Coffin Rock. The corpses were tied together hand and foot and had been disemboweled. The rescuers returned to the village to tell others what they had seen, but when they returned to the location the bodies were gone.

In an age lacking mass media the atrocities of Blair were easily lost in history and dismissed as tall tales. In 1824 a new town called Burkittsville was founded on the site of Blair by those ignorant of the Blair Witch’s existence. She was careful and more patient in poaching her victims this time around as she slowly grew in power again! The woods of Blair was her home, and she needed a continuous supply of children, and adults to torment!   She would treat the townsfolk as her cattle and only slaughter them as needed!  Preferably in a way so as not to scare them all away! 

Finally, between November 1940 and March 1941 there was another incident, with eight children disappearing from the town. And the restless and exceedingly unpleasant lives of the people of Burkittsville was further disturbed when the hermit Rustin Parr entered the market and shouted, “I’ve finally finished!” After interrogation, to which they received no response, the hermit led the cops to his cabin, where they would understand everything… 

After four hours of walking to reach the small hut, they discovered the bodies of seven of the children buried in seven small graves that were located behind the house. When the bodies were exhumed, they found signs of violence: some were even disemboweled and all appeared to have been victims of an evil ritual – marked with strange symbols on their hands, face, chest, and ankles. Kyle Brody was the only one who survived the massacre. He was found standing in a basement corner. Parr told authorities he heard the voice of an elderly woman in his head ordering him to kill children and she told him how to complete the diabolical rituals. The myth ends with Parr tried for his terrible crimes, sentenced to the gallows, and executed.

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