Children of the night

Black Eyed Kids

The unsettling black-eyed kids phenomenon is described as children and teens who have jet black eyes without any sclera (white), iris, or pupil. They usually have pale skin or a death pallor. They may be wearing normal clothes or white nightgowns.

Theyr black-eyed kids (BEK) usually appear at night. They may knock on doors and windows asking to be let in. Their voices can be monotonous and they may have high-pitched giggles. The advice usually given is to ignore them, and walk away if you encounter them on the street. Reports of BEKs spiked in 2013 after percolating for a number of years, but it has all of the hallmarks of an urban legend, according to paranormal investigator A. Milhorn.

witnesses have reported enough strange happenings around these children to suggest that they have incredible powers.

First, they probably have some form of psychic or telepathic abilities. Witnesses have reported the children staring at each other, as if in silent communication, and calling out to adults before they came into view. They have also tracked some individuals from town to town, despite the individual moving in secret, changing his phone number, using a fake name, etc. They are famous for their ability to manipulate emotions, inspiring fear, panic, and dread so strong that witnesses tremble or sweat and animals hide. At the same time, they can also exercise a hypnotic pull on their victims, making them feel like they should open the door and let the children inside.

Second, the children seem to have an electric or radioactive field around them. Flickering lights and power outages are common when the children pop up. One witness claimed that she let the children inside and has since suffered from nosebleeds and been diagnosed with advanced skin cancer, consistent with exposure to massive radiation.

The children’s ability to speak may be limited. Some witnesses have reported that they could only say one or two phrases (“we need to use your telephone” or “our parents are coming soon”). They might also be stuck using old-fashioned expressions, like telegraph instead of telephone, and they sometimes make non-sense requests, like asking for ketchup to put on an apple. Other witnesses describe the children as intelligent and responsive. For example, if you tell them they can’t come inside to use your telephone, they might ask to come inside to use the bathroom or warm up.

Who are the black-eyed children? Well, they are said to be paranormal beings, normally pretending to be in distress; showing up in the wee hours of the morning to ask you for help finding their parents, their pets, or even a place to stay.

There are dozens of tales surrounding encounters with spooky children, but the origin of these creepy kids with black eyes remains a mystery. However, if you know the right places to look, you’ll find a spine-chilling collection of so-called black-eyed children photos.

Two stories of black eyed children

It happened on a warm night in 1996. Bethel needed to pay his internet bill, so he was writing a cheque in his car.”There was a knock on my driver’s side window,” Bethel says. “Two young boys, somewhere between nine to 12 years old and dressed in hooded pullovers, stood outside.”I cracked the window a bit, anticipating a spiel for money, but I was immediately gripped by an incomprehensible, soul-wracking fear. I had no idea why.”

One of the boys asked Bethel for a ride. They wanted to see a movie, but had left their money at their mother’s house. While Bethel mulled it over, the boy tried to reassure him.”It wouldn’t take long. They were just two little kids. They didn’t have a gun or anything.”The reporter looked away for a moment. When Bethel’s gaze returned to the children, his mind “exploded in a vortex of all-consuming terror”.

“Both boys stared at me with coal-black eyes. The sort of eyes one sees these days on aliens or bargain-basement vampires on late night television. Soulless orbs like two great swathes of starless night.”As Bethel rolled up his window, one of the boys banged on the glass, saying “we can’t come in unless you tell us it’s OK. Let us in!”Then the journalist drove away.

Reddit user sarabeth11 says she was sitting alone in her family room when there was a light knock at the front door. Two young children were outside – a girl who looked about 11 and a boy who was roughly nine.”The girl very politely spoke up, ‘Ma’am, can we please come inside and use your phone to call our mom?’ As she spoke something in the pit of my stomach was telling me something was wrong,” Sara says. After a short exchange, the girl moved towards the door.

“She stepped into the light coming from inside the house and I got my first real good look at her. Solid, jet black eyes – that’s all I could see. That motherly instinct was gone and replaced by terror I don’t think I’ve ever felt in my life,” Sara says.”I could feel every hair on my arms and back of my neck standing at attention. I closed the door to where just my face was able to stick out.”The little girl stopped and again pleaded, ‘Please Ma’am we’re really scared and alone out here. We HAVE to come inside. Please help us!’ Then, like on cue, both kids began to whimper and cry.”

Black eyed Children. They are knowed from early on in time. They scares people in the night time, they haunt and exspose people who is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Little can be said about this creatures, but with al the observasjon done over the years there is only one conclusion. They are real

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