Corrupt Souls

Sumerian Vampire

tukkū Lemnūtu tablet 5 

Apart from these seven, there was also Lamashtu, there is some suggestion that she was the Mother of these vampires, in her own right she was terrible; 
-x šar-ka i-ka-al ” ...she [Lamashtu] drinks blood”
-us.ku.ku.mes : akil da-mi la mupparkuti sunu “they (the demons) are incessant drinkers of blood”
su mud sur.sur.mes us.nag.mes : akil siri musaznin da-me satu usiati “eaters of flesh, who cause blood to flow, who drink (the blood of the)

  • Proverbs 30:14 

There are those whose teeth are swords, whose fangs are knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, the needy from among mankind.

In the Mesopotamian Empire, there were these creatures called Ekkimu. Ekimmu means “snatched away”. Mesopotamians dreaded the Ekimmu, and prayed that they themselves were not one day turned into an angry bitter spirit banished to roam the earth in search of peace. 

The Ekimmu are said to appear as a demon phantom-like creature that searches for victims to feed its misery. The Mesopotamians also called the Ekimmu “evil wind gusts”. Now, unlike stereotypical vampires, the Ekimmu does not drink blood in order to live; instead it feeds off of the life forces of plants, animals, elements, and humans by tapping into their aura. 

Chinese Vampire

Jiangshi lore is very ancient and the creature’s existence was taken very seriously by scholars in ancient China who speculated on how jiangshi were created.

Typically, the Jiangshi is depicted as a stiff corpse dressed in the official garments of the Qing dynasty (1644–1912), the last great dynastic empire to rule the region, with many powerful and long-lived rulers.

According to Chinese legends and folklore, Jiangshi – (‘jiang’ means hard) is a reanimated corpse that kills living creatures to absorb their ‘qi’ ‘life force’.

The Jiangshi is so stiff that it cannot bend its limbs and body, so it moves by hopping, with its arms always outstretched, seeking out living creatures at night and by devouring their life force, the Jiangshi is able to survive

Ancient Vampire Of Greece

The Vryolakas are corpses of a person who is possessed by a demon. They rise from their graves at night and knock on people’s front doors calling their names. If the person answered the door, they were doomed to die the next day. However, the vyrolakas could only call a person’s name one time. Many avoided death by waiting until someone called their name a second time to answer the door. Unlike stereotypical vampires, the vryolakas do not suck blood; when someone answered the door, the vryolaka condemned them to die with disease This particular vampire legend was more prevalent in ancient Greece.

The Vampire Of Babylon

The legend of Lilithis rooted in Babylonian demonology. It is also argued that Lilith is a dark demigoddess similar to Hectate. As legend goes, Lilith is the 1st wife of Adam (the story of Adam and Eve). She disobeys her husband and is forever doomed to wander the earth as a demon. Lilith can shape shift and often hunts in the form of an owl. Her victims of choice were newborn children and pregnant women. Mesopotamian society also blamed Lilith for putting erotic dreams into the minds of men. Eventually, the Church added Lilith to the daemonic army of incubi and succubi who seduce and feed upon innocent, unknowing victims.

The Vampire Of Egypt

ancient Egyptian belief that prompted vampiric consideration was the ka, an astral companion to each living person. The ka was a symbol of the life powers given to each man from the gods; it is the source of these powers. The ka was said to be a spiritual double that was born with every man and lived on after he died, but only if it had a place to live. The ka lived within the body of the individual and therefore needed that body after death. This is the reason why the Egyptians mummified their dead, because if the body decomposed, their spiritual double, their ka, would die and the deceased would lose their chance for eternal life. You see, the belief was that the ka guided a person while they were alive, but once they died the ka would lead the soul (the ba or khu) into eternity.

Joel 1:6 

For a nation has come up against my land, powerful and beyond number; its teeth are lions’ teeth, and it has the fangs of a lioness.

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