Man From Taured

1954 a man arrive an airport Haneda, in Japan. The man looks scared, and showing great confused when the guards start to talk to him. they took the man up to the highest level of the airport hotel, so they could interrogate him further. The man says that he’s from a country called Taured. He shows great signs of worry when the guard told him, that the country did not exist.

The man shows papers that show his country’s location and signatures. A passport and some other paper and pointed out where his homeland exists between Spain and France.

The guard keeps the man in a locked room for some further interrogation. Locked up in a room on the highest floor, and garden by two police officers, the man could not run away. Still later on, that night when the police goes to check up on him, they could not find him anywhere. It is like he disappear into the air

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