Ant People

The Hopi Indians spoke of The Ant people, a race that comes from another world, and were worshipped by the Indians as Gods. This Aliens were very friendly and love humans. On many occasions they would help us and made prophecies that would lead humankind into the right and peaceful ways. The Ant people were close to them as long as they were on this planet.

they told the Indians that by then, the world already had gone under two times, and two great civilizations ended. The first world went down in fire, and the second world went down during an ice age. They told the Indians that the world we are living in now, is the third world. During this two cataclysm of the first words the Ant people to thouse worlds called them self The Anu Simon.

The Hopi Indians were taken to the Sky God named Sotuknang. They followed a strange cloud form by day, and a moving star by night to get to the Sky God.

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